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Strength of a woman

Happy Women’s Day!! Im trying to compile a list of the women (or groups that have women) that have influenced my almost 19 years of living. I was just thinking about a world without women and…yeugkhl! So here goes. If I miss out any, sorry dear(s).

Frida Owinga                       Kyoko Orwa

Catherine Orwa                 Diana Orwa

Anne Orwa                        Vanessa Orwa

Kezia Ominde                    Lashaun Ominde

Michelle Ominde              Jane Shabaan

Grace Owinga                    Angie Owinga

Mary Otieno                      Angeline Otieno

Jassy Otieno                      Anne Northeast

Grace Nzatu                      Mrs. Mate

Esther Juma                      Sarah Juma

Ruth Wakesho                   Edith Hope

Nelly Mwanyasi                Diana Ngila

Yvette Akoth                    Daisy Odhiambo

Lorraine Odhiambo        Violet Akinyi

Linda Mary                        Brenda Amal

Evelyne Shiko                    Kathy Shiro

Alyssa Barlow                    Lauren Barlow

Rebecca Barlow                 Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Lacey Mosley (Flyleaf)    Korey Cooper (Skillet)

Krystal Myers                     Christina Vidal

Drew Barrymore                Sandra Bullock

Kate Giles*                              Tina**

That should be the most vivid in mind…keep laying it down out there! Juniboy

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