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From The Land of The Rising Sun #5: Soka University

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Long time no see… Right, I’ve been a little…well, the world isn’t busy and it’s definitely not lazy… Its been one thing after another after a hectic semester, then the Japanese Language Proficiency Test that I had been preparing for (and hopefully did quite well); I am finally free to resume my writing life after a pretty long break.

Speaking of Japanese, I was doing a series on the awesome trip I took to Japan, ranking my five most memorable experiences. There was Shibamata and its tranquility,  Osaka and its laid-back kind of vibe, Karaoke and how I gave them a taste of my skills and of course Hiroshima. These were just the one’s I chose as special, not that the other places were ‘thumbs-down’. Like Universal Studios was pretty awesome; I should do the roller coaster again. But what I’m definitely not doing again is the public baths. Hot water messes with my head; among other reasons…

So to crown it all was the experience at SOKA University, particularly when we met up with the Pan African Friendship Society (PAFS). Singing, dancing, chatting…it’s as if the language barrier never even existed. It was one of those moments you wish time would just… freeze; stay put for a while. For once I never felt nervous around strangers. We had just met but it felt like I had known each other from the beginning. At first I didn’t know why but I’ve been thinking about it for a while I think I know the reason.

I believe everyone should choose a path in life and follow it to the end. The path I chose was to try and do everything right and do it fully regardless of the outcome or what is expected. Of course I’ve been opposed and ridiculed for it; others have misused it, others have spat on it; at some point it seemed like a really stupid way of living.

Then I met them. Those Japanese students. Who were exactly the same. I was no longer the fool; I was an individual with a large heart and a wonderful soul. We didn’t talk about ideals. But what we talked about reflected them. For a change it was nice to interact with people without them trying to weigh you on some scale of some sort, or comparing what they have and what you have. When you’re in the midst of people whose hearts go out to others instead of their self-interests, you’ll know. When you’re in the midst of people who want to act more than they want to talk, you’ll know. When you’re in the midst of people who want to make a difference so bad that it actually hurts, you’ll definitely know.

That explanation doesn’t quite cut it, but I think you have a general idea. I should definitely meet them again; Hiromi, Miho, Koji, Ayako, Kaori, Masae, Masami, Hiroyuki….hontou ni, tanoshikatta.

Oh yeah, some of them are in the country; I’m planning on meeting them soon. I’m trying to think of something huge. Hmm…

And that concludes it!

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