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I have friends. I have a friend who’s way older than me. I have a friend who’s way younger than me. I have a friend who laughs for no good reason; I have one who’s always serious. I have one who’s a retard; and another who thinks he’s a genius. I have a friend that can’t shut up and I have a friend that talks real slow. I have a friend who’s got my back; and I have a friend that stabbed it. I have a friend who I wish to see even now, I have one that i’m shy of.  I have a friend who I haven’t seen since kindergarten; and I have one I may never see in a long timeI have a friend who I have a crush on [and so I can only wave 😦 ]; I have another who has a crush on me. I have another who I can’t have a crush on; and yet another who doesn’t believe in crushes. I have a friend who’s crazy, and another who’s a friend of crazy. I have a friend who’s my mentor, i have one who I mentor. There’s a friend I especially love, and one who I’ve refused to hate. And there’s a Friend who died for me, and that’s one am willing to die for…

What is Love?

So what is love?

Is it a noun, that we can specifically describe? Or could it be a verb, that needs actions to be justified? Is love hate in workclothes? Or is it that piece of porcelain that was chipped off your broken heart that you still share with the one who shattered it? Could it be that feeling of being cornered to a wall when you’re afraid of a bond savouring? Or is it that tension that builds up in you when that bond appears to be savoured? Is it the fear of losing someone, or the fear of finding that same person who you are scared of losing?

Is it the warm sensation from a smile that you know will never wane? Is it the passion that burns from the eyes, that makes you all mushy inside? Could it be that only sigh that escapes your mouth leaving a smile? Is it that which makes everything else irrelevant, or is it the only relevant thing?

You choose


A chemical bond. The ionic one in particular; occurs when an atom loses electrons from its outer shell. When one is lost, the bond becomes twice as strong as it was before. And the resulting bond will require more energy to break than the previous one….but that’s not the point.

You see, people behave in almost the same way. When one bond with a loved one is lost, the existing ones increase in strength. Maybe two fold; maybe a hundred, but we cling to them far much more than before. Im not sure why; maybe the fear of losing another subconsciously pushes us to prevent another from breaking, even if at times it’s beyond our power. But that’s who we are, human; having an inner need to show others that we care, no matter how slight. In some its greater; these are the ones we refer to as being ‘protective.’ In others it may not even show, but it is there; yes, it will show at one point, when you least expect it. No one is fully bad, even 2% good can overcome 98% bad when its from the heart, the same way a candle can light a room in an instant.

And so I conclude that humans were made to love each other. Hate makes love stronger; loss makes love stronger.

Porcelain hearts, only the One who created them knows better.

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