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Simply just be

Hey, this is the first entry from our new writer…the reborn poet

I saw you, you saw me and i knew I could be. You sat there I sat here and I knew we’d be great. I said hi you said hi and there it began.

You talked and my heart felt it and I knew I could grow and become much more. You told my story through your own words; you felt my darkness and confusion in your blood and I knew I could be.

Your faith was mine your laughter resounded in my ears your tears fell on my cheeks and together we lived as one in different places.

Do you understand how you came in and changed the colours of my heart? Maybe you do! Unforgettable to me intruiging and in our brief reality filled with utopia it was a moment for you and I to move on more up be and be, and simply just be


I have friends. I have a friend who’s way older than me. I have a friend who’s way younger than me. I have a friend who laughs for no good reason; I have one who’s always serious. I have one who’s a retard; and another who thinks he’s a genius. I have a friend that can’t shut up and I have a friend that talks real slow. I have a friend who’s got my back; and I have a friend that stabbed it. I have a friend who I wish to see even now, I have one that i’m shy of. Ā I have a friend who I haven’t seen since kindergarten; and I have one I may never see in a long timeI have a friend who I have a crush on [and so I can only wave šŸ˜¦ ]; I have another who has a crush on me. I have another who I can’t have a crush on; and yet another who doesn’t believe in crushes. I have a friend who’s crazy, and another who’s a friend of crazy. I have a friend who’s my mentor, i have one who I mentor. There’s a friend I especially love, and one who I’ve refused to hate. And there’s a Friend who died for me, and that’s one am willing to die for…

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