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ImageIt’s like when looking for something. Before something gets lost or is unknown, everything before our eyes is distinct; having a unique set of characteristics completely differentiating one thing from another. Funny thing when you actually begin a quest; a quest to find something that was lost. Everything almost begins to look like what you were looking for; you may even find something you were looking for but gave up on. It’s like a power barring you from finding what you set out for in the first place. Frankly, the more desperate you are to finding it the more you want to settle for the next closest bit, forgetting that the next closest has no place in a quest to find the unique; it either is or is not. The choice to settle for the next closest has failed many a quest; some settle for 1,000,000 while while 100,000,000 was round the corner; and the difficulty of beginning a quest compared to continue an ongoing one just makes it worse, or more pitiful.

Capacity to compromise

Human beings are never alike. An ‘only use once blueprint’. With different likes, dislikes and temperaments. Therefore, the only reason people get along is compromise; the willingness of one to simply ignore the things he hates in another. And because we are different we have different ‘compromise containers’. Some have large containers that can stomach anything; they choose to love for the good things they see in others instead of disliking them for the bad. They are almost numb tothe occasional ‘toe stepping’.

On the other hand, others have quite small containers and pick out the awful stuff in the not so perfect human and use that to pin them down or push them away. The thing is, we will always find a mistake if we look for one; the same way we find good things. So basically, the capacity to compromise is a matter of choice; you can choose to forgive when temperaments clash or you can choose to be upset because the other is not ‘feeling’ you. Differences are here to stay; the choice to cope or to mope is entirely yours.

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