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Mirror Mirror

With time I’ve noticed something really strange. It’s kind of impossible for an angry person to look into a mirror and not smile. Personally, I think it’s because we always want to be at our best and noticing a really stupid appearance in the mirror triggers a reflex action (smiling) that changes that appearance. But what if its something we can’t change? Weight, size, that obnoxious pimple that just can’t go away…..A feeling of frustration begins to rise, more often than not. Because we can’t immediately change it.

Funnily, because humans are constantly comparing themselves to each other (well, I’d say 95% of humans) , the people we compare ourselves to act as our ‘mirrors’. We are happy with our qualities; if we can see them in other happy people. Some people even change their behavior to match those they envy. You could call that an identity crisis but that’s for another day.

here’s the kicker. The next time you get frustrated, angry, or put off by someone’s behaviour, take a closer look at yourself. There’s a chance they might have reminded you of how you behave and you might be subconsciously defending yourself. Hard to believe, right? Think about it. I did; I used to complain about someone’s negative views to the work we were working on. But I realised that as I captained another team elsewhere, I did the same thing. So I’ll tell you again. Think about it.,

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