Of RPGs, double entendres, baby steps and the whole shebang


Right so it’s the last day of the year and that warrants at least one cheesy post.. I wasn’t gonna blog till the next year but this just couldn’t wait. Because timing.

Great year ladies and gentlemen, great year. I started my own venture, gamed a TON, specifically in the RPG (role playing games), and had pizza at least four times. I had pizza twice in 2014 so this is a WIN and I’m HAPPY about it. But more importantly this was the year the universe sat me down at her feet and hammered in some knowledge into my head, hammered it good. They may seem tiny and somewhat mundane but if you really think about them they’ll make you tilt your head slightly to the side and make you nod in a subtle manner. That’s right people. Here are the secrets to the universe. (if not then I ended up in the wrong class and found it surprisingly helpful).

Before I start, remember this is from the view of an INFP 24 year old with limited energy that stammers like crazy at times. Okay here goes.

First, you can get away with almost anything if you’re charming. And it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Think real hard about what your going to say and then say it. Okay, that’s a given but the key is back it with all the confidence you’ve got. All of it. A fool talking with utmost confidence can convince even the wisest of crowds. By playing RPGs you can learn alot and for me I have discovered I have the knack for negotiating and striking good deals without a silver tongue. And by good deal I mean win win deals (the only deals I enjoy making). There is always an option that will leave both satisfied.

Secondly. A weird realization. Double entendres are everywhere. And may wreck your childhood. If you look for the dirt, you are going to find it. Yeah that’s pretty much it.

Thirdly. Baby steps. If the mountain scares you start tearing away pebbles first. Yes, pebbles. Huge tasks are just a set of tiny ones stacked up together chanting “we are legion.” Scared of going out? Start by saying yes to the one friend who keeps asking. Scared of writing? Grab your pen or pencil (love pencils) and just write random words. Heck this post started out that way 🙂 Weirdly they begin to take shape. But you have to start. Just start. Is it a business venture? Register the domain name. You can come back in a few months to it. As long as it’s a step, you’re fine. Some are quick off the tracks, some are slow. Overtaking is allowed. You don’t even have to overtake. All you have to do is move forward and something, bringing me to the fourth point, something will happen! Something always happens; and if you miss the window, just make sure you don’t miss the next one, or the one after that. However be wary of settling for $100,000 when there’s $1,000,000 around the corner.

And lastly. Learn to let go. And this is coming from an INFP; the most clingly people. We have grips stronger than workbench vices. It’s good to believe in people and wait for the good to come up. It’s good to keep hope alive in certain areas. But at times you just have to call it. That energy is better spent elsewhere. Embers can mean something isn’t dead, but they can also mean something is way past its prime and you won’t get much of it anymore.

Summing up, remember that the best is always yet to come. You don’t notice it now but you’re right where you need to be 🙂


Free-Writing Challenge: Passion!


Passion? Passion. One of those words that can’t…rather should not be described. Passion should be displayed. Passion should be on your face; worn on your sleeves. It should radiate like the pong from a morning run. If it were a shining light it should make them squint when they look at you. Passion! That burningness (is that a word?) that hunger to fulfil destiny. That vigor you use to accomplish tasks you love. That …(running out here) You get the point. Passion is no fickle man’s field. Passion is spirit soul and body. Passion is jumping over a cliff and learning to fly when you’ve left the ground. Passion is what quenches criticism and keeps you on the road of destiny. Passion is the unsung hero in a success story. And passion. Is why we do what we do, no matter how tiring, annoying, frightening, or even cumbersome it is!

151 words… Okaay!

Omg Mon what have you done! You know I saw the word, and it’s one of those words I’ve never described! My definition may be wrong but I don’t think my opinion is… For me passion, perseverance, dedication and love share the same junction in a way.

Thanks Mon for the Free-writing challenge nomination.. Long overdue; bad habit, I know.. I’m changing though 😀
1) Open an MS Word document (or any other editor)
2) Set a stop watch or your mobile of 5-10 minutes.
3) Your topic is at the foot of this post, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
4) Fill the word document with as much words as you want. Once you began writing do not stop.
5) Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check (it is only meant for you reflect on your control on sensible thought flow)
6) You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals.
7) At the end of your post write down the number of words
8) Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new topic.
Now I’m really interested in what these two can come up with; because I know them irl. I nominate:

Crystal Olisa

Mark Renja

Therefore go forth and write on..


Versatile Blogger Award Nomination


Hisashiburi!! [Long time no see]

I’ve been a little lazy in the writing aspect but I promise that’s going to change real soon. There’s no particular reason but when you have a lot on your plate and trying to balance stuff out you end up going in a lot of circles before you make any headway. Like try untangle a 300 metre cable and you’ll get what I mean!

Anyway, a while back I as nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by a good friend of mine and probably the only fashion blogger I follow (wow), Crystal Olisa. The nomination has a number of rules to follow so let’s get to it.

[Gratitude where it’s due..]

Thank you Crystal for the nomination!! And sorry for the delay. (-_-)’

You guys can check out her blog here.

[Then I’m to nominate 15 other blogs..]

I don’t follow that many blogs so I’m not really sure what to put here. Most of my readings online are articles on sites such as Kotaku and Gizmodo so I don’t think it really fits into this list, hmmm.. Anyway, for the one I love and follow I’ve listed them below.

[Then 7 things about myself..]

Wow okay here goes.

  1. I’m an INFP. – It’s one of those things I can’t say enough. That way I don’t get many Chandler-like head tilts because INFPs can be a little… off. Who is an INFP? Check this out. 
  2. Kenyan by birth, Japanese by heart. – This is really hard to explain; maybe I give an example. Queuing! It comes naturally to me. Now tell that to the people who found me at the shop counter and insists on buying before me.
  3. I am my playlist. – It’s pretty hard to separate me and my music; we are one. Mostly rock, then there’s indie folk and a touch of electronic dance.
  4. This back, my friends must never see it.  –  I value loyalty a ton and I always stand by the ones that are close to me. My friends have my sword and my bow. I don’t turn my back on people. I’m not Scar! [from the Lion King]
  5. Pocahontas and Sound of Music! – Speaking of films, I don’t usually run to the screen for them; but if Pocahontas or The Sound of Music are on I will not hesitate!!
  6. I’m a musician. – Just because I don’t sing or play music publicly doesn’t mean that I’m not a musician! Most of my siblings are in a band of some sort so I’m always asked if something went wrong with me. Okay, maybe people don’t use those word exactly but I can tell where they’re going when they start with mentioning how my siblings lay great music then they go, “So what do you do?” I’m actually a pretty good singer and could easily fit into the position of drummer in any band. [maybe I stretched that one but only by a little]
  7. I’m happiest when there’s a packet of crisps in my left hand, a bottle of cola in my right hand and a sitcom on my screen.  – I’m THAT unbelievably simple.

I guess that’s it! Thanks for reading and clicking all those links. From now on I’ll try to be more frequent in my writing 🙂

Now I gotta go slay some Dragon Brood Envenomers

For Kumar Lewis

Kumar Lewis

Kumar Lewis

9 years ago on this day was one of the most tragic days I’d experienced in my life. Long story short I lost my dad and a newly made friend died to some gunmen that stormed our home. And I realised I’ve been a horrible person because while I’ve done a number of post as tribute to my dad I didn’t do anything as tribute to Kumar…

I’m hoping 9 years isn’t too late.

This is for Kumar.

The Battle Series: Train

//The Battle Series is a collection of posts on what I feel is the best way to challenge situations in life. Applicable anywhere and everywhere.

//Part one of the Battle Series:


Photo Credit: mastery via photopin (license)

We aspire. We train. We go through hell to master only the best and most efficient of techniques, preparing for that one battle. That one battle that ultimately will produce only two kinds of people at the end; a victor and a loser.
No one steps in the ring with the intention of being knocked out. No teams run out onto the field, with their fans cheering them on and singing their praises, with the desire to lose. We all want to win, but for that someone must lose.

What is this criterion then that justifies the loser? Did one opponent prepare less than the other? Did one opponent master less efficient techniques? What if two people of equal ability were pitched against each other; what would justify the loser?

But no two people are alike. We all have different bodies and capable of different things. So even if we did undergo the same training from the same master under the same conditions, there’s a chance I’d still have an upper hand over you, or the other way round. Because our bodies responded to the training differently, not mentioning the innate strength and intuition we possess.

So, it may be possible that one may be advantaged or disadvantaged right out of the womb, inclining one to think that life may be unfair from the start. But is that the case? Certainly not. The purpose of training is to buff what you already have; it’s just the one of the steps in the 1000 mile journey.

Training unlocks what you’re capable of. But not what you’re truly capable of.

That was, That is, and Myself

*This post has been delayed severally because the content keeps morphing in my head; but now the wine’s breathed enough and you can all drink*

photo credit: Pannonius♛ via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Pannonius♛ via photopin cc

So, of all my 23 years on this earth I’d say that 2014 must have been the weirdest of all. Okay maybe ‘weird’ isn’t the proper word but I still think it’s the closest when you want to describe a year full of eye squints and ‘okaaaaay’ moments… No, no, by all means 2014 was a great year; I finally graduated and finished the school part of my life (for now?) and started doing my own stuff (which isn’t ready for the public just yet), but lets just say what I had predicted the year to be was totally different from ho it turned out. Like when you’re sure you’re getting a glass of orange juice but it turns out to be pineapple juice instead; both are delicious but just different, with one having a tad more calories.

Then I began to take stock; to analyze what I’ve been doing with my life. And I noticed for the passed seven years or so I’ve spent a huge amount of time and a lot of energy helping people achieve their dreams. I’m pretty good at it; I’m a qualified and probably the best dream achieving sidekick you’ll ever find, but what I noticed is I’ve been spending so much time and energy helping others out, that my own dreams have stalled. I’m an INFP so yo can imagine exactly how many dreams I have. But also because I’m INFP it means my energy is limited so I can only do so much during a day. Am I blaming my ‘dreams on hold’ situation’ on helping others? Certainly not! I love helping people! Even if [most of the time] it’s not reciprocated; I’m okay with that. But that’s the question I had been asking myself towards the end of 2014 –  who’s gonna help me with my dreams? Should I stop my assistance outwards and help myself for a while?

I was at a point where I was giving up on people and their [stupid] promises. I got tired of people not understanding and decided you know what, to hell with everyone. It’s my life I’ll do what I want and what I think is best of me. Forget people and their ‘it’s not gonna work’ or their opinions on what ‘suits my lifestyle’. Yeah, I’m not going to sit down and hear someone lecture me on being me. [Seriously]. So I had decided that this year, well, people just had to sort themselves out. Because I have my own stuff to deal with. I didn’t really care if I came off mean or selfish; I know I’m not so their opinion is the least of my concern (always has been). Originally this post would have ended on this tone, but then something even more weird happened at the beginning of the year; a single action that reminded me of a lot of stuff and why this approach just won’t work!

I’m not going to tell you exactly what happened (it’s pretty trivial; this one’s for me), but I can share the forgotten lessons I had relearned. One, you can NEVER stop believing in people. Because if you do the world’s gonna eat you alive. Two, if you’re good at helping people, then keep at it. The world has an acute shortage of that type of person. And three, those principles you’ve lived by; the ones you use to make decisions when stranded and the ones that have made you reach where you are today, you can NEVER let go of them. Because when you do it’s over; all your past decisions will come back to you and you’ll begin to doubt every single step you’ve made up till now. That’s a spiral you’re better off avoiding.

So no, I’m not cutting off people. In fact I’m going to help out even more. I just have to find the balance and see what happens. Because sadness is contagious. I feel its going to be a great year.

The Race Track


Photo Credit: WarderJack via photopin cc

As a kid I used to love visiting the race tracks. I enjoyed watching cars go round and round, constantly changing positions, trading out worn tires; the constant hustle and bustle. These drivers had captured my heart and I wanted, more than anything to be part of them. But I was too young; I could only watch. Week in week out, I was right there. Watching the drivers doing their thing. I thought to myself ‘I’m gonna make one hell of a driver, just you wait.’ And the urge grew stronger and stronger as years passed by; fiddling my fingers waiting for my chance at a steering wheel.

Then the time came. I became a licensed driver and was eligible to take on the race tracks. And that’s when I realized it. I had become so accustomed to the side lines that it had become my home without realizing  it. It was the only place that had no direct impact on what happened in the race tracks. ‘Must I get behind the wheel?’ ‘Whats wrong with being here?’ ‘More than ok is ideal, but isn’t ok still okay?’ ‘Must I join the race?’

For so long I had wanted to race, to put my mark down, to smash the records, to be the one seizing the checkered flag. But I don’t feel that way anymore. I like the sidelines; I’m more at home here. No doubt at some point I will have to race, but for now let me watch on.

I like it here.

Give and Take

There’s this anime I love called Fullmetal Alchemist that I love very much. All (or most? Hmm..) episodes begin with this statement.

Hito wa nanika no gisei nashi ni, nani mo eru koto wa dekinai.
Nanika o eru tame ni wa, doutou no daika ga hitsuyou ni naru.

Roughly translated it means: “Man without sacrificing something cannot obtain anything. In order to obtain something, an equivalent cost is needed.” [However translating it makes it lose so much weight].

A short story. I was watching a televised crusade with my mum one Sunday afternoon; and a politician was given the mic to say a few words. I wasn’t really paying attention until he said in Swahili, “Stuff about sowing seeds to get harvest is wrong and should not be believed. It is not even in the Bible!” “No one should tell you to give something in order to gain something!” I was shocked alright, but what was more shocking was the crazy jubilation that followed. People were happy the politician affirmed that they could get things for free. And that’s where the problem starts. When someone convinces you that you don’t have to work or to do anything and things will just follow, you’re going to have a problem.

A few laws exist in this universe of ours that exist for the sake of normalcy. Like the law of gravity. It makes life so much easier even if in actual sense it is pegging us to the ground against our will. Another law, more hated than that of gravity is the law of give and take. Others could call it the law of seed time and harvest; others could call it barter trade… Point is, to obtain anything you have to exchange something for it. Even if it is labelled ‘free’ there is something of value you will be giving up. For something to come your way, something has to leave. For something to increase somewhere, something has to decrease elsewhere. I believe this law exists to prevent things ballooning in one direction; that would be bad. Like if you’d just keep eating without going to the bathroom. There has to be a flow of constant giving and taking for normalcy.

I know it sounds pretty basic, but I’m constantly appalled by the amount of people who feel entitled to free stuff and are proud about it. That’s a dangerous way to live, because this mentality is shared by thieves.

Work for what you want. Invest in your future. Pay the price. Stop being lazy.

Oh Anberlin my Anberlin

Anberlin's discography

Anberlin’s discography

Tribute to one of the greatest bands on Earth!

They say the human body is 70% water. Well, mine’s 85% music [hmm… Maybe I’m not human after all]; it’s a huge part of my life. And that’s why it’s always [more than] sad when one of my favorite bands decided to ‘take permanent breaks’ and stop writing music.

I remember the first Anberlin song I heard; ‘the feel good drag’… I think that was the time I was getting into that type if rock; with heavy guitars and immense word play. It was pretty cool, and along with Emery I had found my best bands in rock.

The lyrics Stephen Christian (the lead singer) writes are simply genius; they’re all up on Tumblr with their meanings.

I’m gonna miss that band. Well, at least the ‘waiting for new music’ part.

Don’t be that guy [or girl]

Photo credit: onthejob.45things.com

Photo credit: onthejob.45things.com

Allow me to begin with a short tale of valiance.

I was pretty active in high school, and in my second last year I was made the captain of our rugby team. We weren’t the best but we always had fun participating in tourneys; as a school we hadn’t won anything in a while so the pressure was on. Now the following year things became interesting.

We had two games on the opening day of the new season; an okay match and a pretty tough one (one of last year’s best teams). The first one went well; we thrashed our opponents decisively. It was a good team performance and everyone was fine. However minutes to our second match, two of our core players could not be found. I call them core players because they had much more experience than me and the team was in fact built around them. And because of that there were a little ego issues here and there but I never really thought that it would come to them running away when the team needed them. Nevertheless I gave the rallying cry (William Wallace style) and we went into that game, playing for  our pride. The thought of throwing in the towel lingered in my head for a while but I decided it was best to go through with it regardless of the outcome. Yes, the outcome was devastating; a whooping 53-0 loss. But it was a valiant defeat. We made so much noise in the bus on our way back to school people thought we had won. So what had happened?

Something changed that day. As a team we always believed in ourselves but the presence of the two who ran away contributed  heavily to the mentality,  so when they had betrayed us there was a little shake up and people asking questions like ‘can we really do this?’ But after the game, that confidence that went was re-established and cemented. ‘We can do this.’ ‘We are the ones playing.’ We realised that we can do it without them. And that changed our team for the rest of the season. We went on to win 2 trophies that year;the first two titles for the school in a very long time. They weren’t the most prestigious but they were something nonetheless and the school had taken pride in the rugby team once more.

Which brings me to my point. Usually in every team, there will always be a couple of stars who think they can (or are) carrying the whole team. True, at time they are just that good. However, downfall begins when they think that ‘they can’t do it without me’. I call that the beginning of the end. Soon after, out of pride, the stars pull out to watch the team crash and burn. But if the other team mates realize that they can do it without the stars, then the door automatically closes for the stars and they are done for. Rarely will they be able to re-earn their spots, because the team will be performing just as good minus the ego issues.

What I’m saying is, regardless of how good you think you are, or how well you think you ‘complete someone’, or how convinced you are that you are the reason for something’s or someone’s success, you can never let that idea linger in your head. The day you glorify yourself as holding the key then that’s the day you crash and burn. Because those who you think need you, will realize that they don’t, and you may never be needed again. And that ‘need bridge’ burns so quickly and is never easily repaired, that is if it can be repaired at all.

Don’t be that guy [or girl].

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