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The Battle Series: Train

//The Battle Series is a collection of posts on what I feel is the best way to challenge situations in life. Applicable anywhere and everywhere.

//Part one of the Battle Series:


Photo Credit: mastery via photopin (license)

We aspire. We train. We go through hell to master only the best and most efficient of techniques, preparing for that one battle. That one battle that ultimately will produce only two kinds of people at the end; a victor and a loser.
No one steps in the ring with the intention of being knocked out. No teams run out onto the field, with their fans cheering them on and singing their praises, with the desire to lose. We all want to win, but for that someone must lose.

What is this criterion then that justifies the loser? Did one opponent prepare less than the other? Did one opponent master less efficient techniques? What if two people of equal ability were pitched against each other; what would justify the loser?

But no two people are alike. We all have different bodies and capable of different things. So even if we did undergo the same training from the same master under the same conditions, there’s a chance I’d still have an upper hand over you, or the other way round. Because our bodies responded to the training differently, not mentioning the innate strength and intuition we possess.

So, it may be possible that one may be advantaged or disadvantaged right out of the womb, inclining one to think that life may be unfair from the start. But is that the case? Certainly not. The purpose of training is to buff what you already have; it’s just the one of the steps in the 1000 mile journey.

Training unlocks what you’re capable of. But not what you’re truly capable of.


Wind – Akeboshi

Ok, this is a song by one of the greatest Japanese musicians I know, Yoshio Akeboshi. Its the 1st ending song of Naruto but it’s a hit of a lifetime.

Sung and written by Akeboshi
Cultivate your hunger before you idealize.
Motivate your anger to make them all realize.
Climbing the mountain, never coming down.
Break into the contents, never falling down.

My knee is still shaking, like I was twelve,
Sneaking out of the classroom, by the back door.
A man railed at me twice though, but I didn’t care.
Waiting is wasting for people like me.

Don’t try to live so wise.
Don’t cry ’cause you’re so right.
Don’t dry with fakes or fears,
‘Cause you will hate yourself in the end.

You say, “Dreams are dreams.
“I ain’t gonna play the fool anymore.”
You say, “‘Cause I still got my soul.”

Take your time, baby, your blood needs slowing down.
Breach your soul to reach yourself before you gloom.
Reflection of fear makes shadows of nothing, shadows of nothing.

You still are blind, if you see a winding road,
‘Cause there’s always a straight way to the point you see.

Don’t try to live so wise.
Don’t cry ’cause you’re so right.
Don’t dry with fakes or fears,
‘Cause you will hate yourself in the end.

Again, I have the lyrics off head but these ones are courtesy of


I have friends. I have a friend who’s way older than me. I have a friend who’s way younger than me. I have a friend who laughs for no good reason; I have one who’s always serious. I have one who’s a retard; and another who thinks he’s a genius. I have a friend that can’t shut up and I have a friend that talks real slow. I have a friend who’s got my back; and I have a friend that stabbed it. I have a friend who I wish to see even now, I have one that i’m shy of.  I have a friend who I haven’t seen since kindergarten; and I have one I may never see in a long timeI have a friend who I have a crush on [and so I can only wave 😦 ]; I have another who has a crush on me. I have another who I can’t have a crush on; and yet another who doesn’t believe in crushes. I have a friend who’s crazy, and another who’s a friend of crazy. I have a friend who’s my mentor, i have one who I mentor. There’s a friend I especially love, and one who I’ve refused to hate. And there’s a Friend who died for me, and that’s one am willing to die for…

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