About Me

Hello, my name is Peter Orwa, Junior; you can call me Juniboy. I’m  a web developer and just starting this programming thing.. And this blog is my special getaway from the world; a place where I share about my ideals, my hobbies, my favorite things and the like outside of my grind. I love gaming, music, mind blowing stuff and a really good laugh. Mostly my posts revolve around these four.

When I’m away from computers or gaming consoles I write and do freelance videography, as well as photography.

And yes, crisps and cola, ninjas and samurais, sitcoms and anime all fall under the category ‘Awesome’


  1. Hello from New York. I am trying to learn Japanese.

  2. Nice to meet you Peter. You have a great creative life going for you; I find it particularly interesting that you are studying Japanese. Exceptional!

  3. Hi! I nominated you for the free-writing challenge at my blog. The rules are there in the latest post from now 🙂 Thanks! ❤

  4. Just saw your recording of Kumar. Thanks for that man. It wasn’t too late. I was just thinking about him and it was great to hear his music. B

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