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The Battle Series: Teamwork

//The Battle Series is a collection of posts on what I feel is the best way to challenge situations in life. Applicable anywhere and everywhere. Part one is here

Part two of the Battle Series:


Chances are if you’re going into any battle you’ve surrounded yourself with some good companions; people who you trust with your back. If you’re alone then good for you. You’ll have less annoying issues because people will always be a pain when the heat gets cranked up. If you’re smart and strong you will manage.. for a while that is. The greatest single-person last man stands have all ended in the person dying. You can do a lot alone; and you can do way more with the right comrades.

One shall chase a thousand…

Two shall chase ten thousand…

The potential value of bringing a comrade on board isn’t calculated by addition or multiplication. It’s by exponentiation . It’s huge. But that’s just it. Potential. The actual value can be less, which happens most of the time. And by less I mean you may actually lend your enemy a helping hand. No, seriously ask Rome. When they had two consuls governing the same army. Hannibal ran rings around them. Figuratively of course, because the actual battles were so overly one sided that saying he ‘ran rings’ just doesn’t cut it.

So what is this ‘teamwork’ that people talk about. Rightly dividing the load equally between your colleagues? Giving each person a chunk as per his or her abilities? I’d say teamwork is whatever works for you when it’s not only you involved. Personally I’d define it as doing as much as you can and then tell your comrades, “there, that’s my bit. Let’s see how far y’all can take it”. And the grind continues.

That being said, ‘dream teams’ are few and are rarely large, because an extra brain is an extra complication you have to handle.

Full Circle


Another year, another chapter, another cheesy birthday post. Even though its almost a week late. Meh. Nothing’s ever late. Things just reach optimum importance then get done.

Yeah anyway, I began my 26th year on this earth [that means I turned 25 years] precisely a week ago; that usually means I’m in super deep reflection mode (deep reflection happens daily), thinking about the 25th chapter of me life. The weird thing is that the gap between 24 years and 25 years is like  Grand Canyon wide.. One minute your just starting to make some cash to pay for what you’ve always wanted, and then you turn 25 and suddenly you feel the pressure of taxes, bills, moving out, getting married, having kids, ending world hunger… If you’d asked me 20 years ago where I wanted to be when I was 25, I’d say in my own mansion making mad cash off some weird invention. I’d have many cars and a rare collection of authentic katana. If you’d asked me 10 years ago, the dream changed; a lovely wife, a job at Google, a Mustang and a computer with 1GB of RAM. [smh]. 5 years ago, well, whatever life gave me. Plus the wife lol.

At 25 is when it hits you. Or me at least. That there are no more safety nets. No more ‘ideal grown up life’. I’m calling it ‘Chapter 26: The Year He Debuts’. 25 years of warm up seems sufficient. You’ve seen enough to know where things are going and you can come up with a plan for what you want. My favorite part is probably that a lot of ‘variables’ now become ‘constants’; things have happened so many time in the exact same way that you no longer second guess the outcome. Yep, full circle. That may seem trivial but for an INFP who is constantly over-analyzing stuff things are so much easier when you can label something as a constant, just like in programming (nerd alert). Constants are even programmed in CAPITAL LETTERS TO GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS. WE WON’T CHANGE.

Before I probably had a billion questions. About life, taxes (gosh  taxes), God, business and basically just how to live in the most perfect way possible. And now they’re only a million; a considerable chunk is gone, partly by listening to the right people and partly by Groundhog Day-ing (living the same situation over and over again). Seriously though have you ever listened to someone saying something you’ve heard before but what you hear is totally different?

At 25, you can’t really say you never knew, or you weren’t told. Unless you were under a rock or something. At 25, you know people to run to who will never turn you away (*cough* your mom, if she’s still alive that is), you know who you just can’t depend on and find a way around that. You know those who only appear when they need something and those who don’t really actively keep in touch but you know they’re there. At 25, your allocation of energy is more efficient. You’re not pipe dreaming anymore. #

Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. But with the life I’ve had , that’s my opinion on being a 25 year old. That being said I’m really happy that I can and still make an active effort to put a smile on people’s faces, and that my dreams and imagination haven’t dimmed in vividness one bit; because while other things I have wanted to be may have changed over the years, those two are (and will forever be) constant.




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