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Give and Take

There’s this anime I love called Fullmetal Alchemist that I love very much. All (or most? Hmm..) episodes begin with this statement.

Hito wa nanika no gisei nashi ni, nani mo eru koto wa dekinai.
Nanika o eru tame ni wa, doutou no daika ga hitsuyou ni naru.

Roughly translated it means: “Man without sacrificing something cannot obtain anything. In order to obtain something, an equivalent cost is needed.” [However translating it makes it lose so much weight].

A short story. I was watching a televised crusade with my mum one Sunday afternoon; and a politician was given the mic to say a few words. I wasn’t really paying attention until he said in Swahili, “Stuff about sowing seeds to get harvest is wrong and should not be believed. It is not even in the Bible!” “No one should tell you to give something in order to gain something!” I was shocked alright, but what was more shocking was the crazy jubilation that followed. People were happy the politician affirmed that they could get things for free. And that’s where the problem starts. When someone convinces you that you don’t have to work or to do anything and things will just follow, you’re going to have a problem.

A few laws exist in this universe of ours that exist for the sake of normalcy. Like the law of gravity. It makes life so much easier even if in actual sense it is pegging us to the ground against our will. Another law, more hated than that of gravity is the law of give and take. Others could call it the law of seed time and harvest; others could call it barter trade… Point is, to obtain anything you have to exchange something for it. Even if it is labelled ‘free’ there is something of value you will be giving up. For something to come your way, something has to leave. For something to increase somewhere, something has to decrease elsewhere. I believe this law exists to prevent things ballooning in one direction; that would be bad. Like if you’d just keep eating without going to the bathroom. There has to be a flow of constant giving and taking for normalcy.

I know it sounds pretty basic, but I’m constantly appalled by the amount of people who feel entitled to free stuff and are proud about it. That’s a dangerous way to live, because this mentality is shared by thieves.

Work for what you want. Invest in your future. Pay the price. Stop being lazy.

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