Oh Anberlin my Anberlin

Anberlin's discography

Anberlin’s discography

Tribute to one of the greatest bands on Earth!

They say the human body is 70% water. Well, mine’s 85% music [hmm… Maybe I’m not human after all]; it’s a huge part of my life. And that’s why it’s always [more than] sad when one of my favorite bands decided to ‘take permanent breaks’ and stop writing music.

I remember the first Anberlin song I heard; ‘the feel good drag’… I think that was the time I was getting into that type if rock; with heavy guitars and immense word play. It was pretty cool, and along with Emery I had found my best bands in rock.

The lyrics Stephen Christian (the lead singer) writes are simply genius; they’re all up on Tumblr with their meanings.

I’m gonna miss that band. Well, at least the ‘waiting for new music’ part.

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Freelance web designer. I started writing again though :)

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