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The 100% talk-do ratio theory

half empty half fullYep! Ok, I know it’s a little wordy but ”The 100% talk-do ratio theory’ is something I’ve put a lot of time into and I’m finally ready to let the world know what I think.

I believe people have what I’d like to call follow-up cups(for lack of a better term); containers that can be 100% full at all times and determine how we follow up what we say we’ll do. Now, this 100% is composed of either ‘talk’ percentage, or ‘do’ percentage; meaning that when one ‘component’ is high, the other is ‘low’. That is to say if someone has say 60% talk, he or she has 40% do. If it’s 75% do, there’s a chance it’s also 25% talk. Following?

From my observation, someone who keeps saying they’ll do something [for you] is less likely to do it; whereas someone who is quiet about something is more likely to do it sooner than you think. Why? Am not sure…so I came up with the 100% talk-do ratio theory. Surprises mostly come from the quietest in the group simply because they are probably 90% do and 10% talk. And the one’s that will be talking about doing it and how they’re going to do it probably spend more time telling people how they will get it done rather than just getting it done. And surprisingly people who are good with their mouths are rarely good with their hands (and maybe feet) and vice versa. Examples? Critics never do anything. Politicians that address people every week are the most idle. I know Messi is silent; it’s said that people thought he was dumb when he arrived at Barcelona, but yes, he talks with his feet. A whole lot.

Therefore, the next time someone promises you something, or work is allocated within a team, hopefully the 100% talk-do ratio theory will help you make an informed decision. Let me also add that no position on the talk-do continuum is bad; it all depends on what you do with it.

My two cents.

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