Populating the ghost town of Originality


First, let me start by saying this. No, this is NOT about China products…and to the Chinese, I love you all!

Anyway, just the other day, I was immersed in Relient K music (awesome band, really) when the lyrics of their song Wit’s All Been Done Before struck me hard for the first time. Originality IS becoming a ghost town. Everyone’s copying everyone; we’d rather flow with someone else’s style, or ideas or the like instead of being ourselves. And as the band says, ” …cause repetition’s just so safe; but repetition’s just like prison…”

The reason behind this, I don’t know; but it’s more evident than ever that the present day person is overly concerned of what society thinks of him and his ideas or ideals. We are so careful not to offend another’s view of something to the point that it inhibits us from realising our true potential. We are ‘scared’ of what will happen if we try to break off and start something new, especially with the 50% chance that it will outright fall flat on its (or our) faces. But what we keep forgetting is that most of our enjoyment today, rather ALL of our enjoyment today is because someone somewhere was bold enough to step forward amid harsh words and ridicule from peers in order to realise what they had pictured in mind.

I am one of the few that have decided to rip apart the veil of repetition. Let’s just say I’m not really into prison, but more seriously, the fish that mature are the one’s that go against the flow, right? We’re originals remember? Even twins don’t have the same fingerprint. I always say it wouldn’t hurt to try, and if it fails then I wouldn’t be less than I was; at worst I may have gained nothing from trying but I wouldn’t have lost anything either (win win? 😉 ).

All in all, I am pretty sure of this. If I just go out there and be truthful to myself, so long as I don’t screw up and keep my head above the water then something good will definitely happen. Of course it’s not easy. Picture this. A baby. Cute, huh? But what preceded the baby? Labour.

The reason why something is outstanding is because it stands out.  Frankly, if you’re not different, then I don’t think someone else would need you. So just be you!

Think about it..

*the picture of the cute little girl isn’t mine; its from another blog that has something deep on originality. It’s in Spanish,but it’ll blow your head off. You can click it and follow.


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  1. Brilliant read, as always. Completely agree with this!

  2. Yo!!!! I totally agree with this. When a thought is different it is scary even to its conceiver, now imagine how it much scarier it becomes when it is met with opposition from those that don’t agree with it. I say this with you, if it is in honesty, of love and in love then out with it and let it grow. Ama?

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