Auld Lang Syne

What a great year it has been! I’d say three times better than last year..ish; let’s recap.

I bought seven pairs of earphones. And all of them are semi dead now. But i don’t regret any moment with them. Honestly, they saw me through some awkward times so I’m grateful. That’s ‘down’ number 1. ‘Down’ number 2, I’ve never really learnt that buying china stuff is a disadvantage…i bought a graphics card that has given me over 50 BSoDs! But the funny thing is, i was never upset or depressed…i was joyful. I’d say this was my most joyful year; no sad moments at all….well, except for a few, like the passing on of Evelyn Botrus, one of my ex-classmates. Sad…

Highlights, hmm….i met a friend who i can best describe as ‘a real minx who knows exactly what she’s doing’. And she becomes one of the only two people to outwit me. She’s awesome nonetheless. I also managed to break out of the shell society puts you in. And am not going back, believe me. Bolder, wiser, wittier and greater guts.

I spent the 31st and first hours of first doing what i love doing…brainwracking for a good cause in God’s House. Its morning and am not even tired! What’s for sure is that this year, is gonna be waay different than all the others. I dare you to dare me to dare…

This engine runs on ‘dokounjo’ that never runs out; the will of fire that you can thank Masashi Kishimoto for. Raring to go on optimum gear, Im wishing you a Happy New Year!

Peace and chicken grease šŸ˜‰

About Peter Orwa, Junior

Freelance web designer. I started writing again though :)

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  1. Happy 2011! Junior. Glad to see sky is the limit for you!
    Right behind you! I’m praying for equally young energy to keep up:-)

  2. I got 2 dare for you buddy! Welcome to ‘outside the shell’ living enjoy the fresh air!

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