Yep! Another turned page in this storybook that I gave God to write sometime back…though at one point I stole it and messed it up a little. He offered to take it back (gladly) and has really spiced it up, especially this last page.

I would say it’s the beginning of something new. New light, new vision, new perspective…but for something new to begin there are a few norms you have to go against or else you will just see the usual. Unusual begets unusual. I have learnt a lot and matured real quick; honestly, the last person I told my age almost went mad because they thought I was a lot older. I guess I could thank my friends who gave me a crash course on reality during the past year that even now my peers still don’t know what to do with me.

I usually believe the number 19 is a number of impact. My team on FIFA has a number 19 jersey and literally turns the game around when I introduce him as a sub. Shakes Makena (Supa Strikas) stepped into the limelight with a No 19 jersey. And its the last year of teenagehood so I assume its where you choose your path of life to follow. And honestly I can feel big things coming my way; the good thing is am prepared and raring (or is it rearing?) to go on all engines. BRING IT ON, LIFE!!

So, in the words of my cartoon mentor..I leave you with this words

“Mendou kusei kedo, shikatanei na..”



About Peter Orwa, Junior

Freelance web designer. I started writing again though :)

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  1. aaaaa it filz lyk only yestrday i was 19 . . ooooo wait it was last bt we dnt nid to discuss dat . . i hope u had a blast juni take lyf wth ertng u gt u knw u gonna change the wald hehe mwax

  2. excellentlady

    Welcome to 19! Love life and have fun living an being a teenager. Enjoy new
    Experiences, New Joys, New Horizons and new miracles.

  3. …Happy 19th:-)

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