Kakkoi no Otou-chan

*’Kakkoi no Otou-chan’ is a Japanese translation of ‘Cool Dad’

*Disclaimer: The story may be 85% correct coz its what I heard and intel in Ngummo is somewhat trustworthy

It shouldn’t surprise you I remember my [late] father by his birthday (2nd May) rather than his day of demise. Let’s just say that’s me and that’s a topic for another day. And yep! Unlike most of you (:p) I had a cool dad. You know, the type that didn’t wear suits much, could hang out with your friends, anawagotea*, loved fun stuff and loved people. He had the nickname ‘Boxer’ ; ok, he was a boxer and did very well I must say; and he loved mock fights with me and my pals. I could say he was ‘burning with the flame of youth.’ He also had a habit of giving me unprecedented nicknames then strech my cheeks to make me smile when I started frowning. He had one lame joke, hmm…I think it was about a mosquito in France with a wooden leg…something something..we always put him off before he could finish so I still don’t know the answer, sadly. *Sigh* and he also had the habit of starting stories halfway…”And the elephant came!” ???

Particularly I remember one funny incident that happened quite sometime back. The details are a little bit sketchy so I’ll tell them to the best of my knowledge. One Sunday afternoon, my dad and my sister were coming home when apparently one of the estate boys lets out a comment that no one in their right mind would, especially if you were not strong and can’t run away from danger. Seriously, how do you call a woman’ fat’ in front of her own father?! Deathwish, perhaps? Anyway, so the guy manages to let out the word ‘fat’ accompanied by a small giggle. My sister glances back and then ignores the comment, like nothing happened. Strong lady Anne Orwa is, but that didn’t matter. I think I could say ‘the lion in my dad awoke’ and he turned to the retard. Silence. And to everyone’s surprise, the old man starts chasing this 21 year old.

Chasing! Believe it! He ran towards him and they went for a lap round the estate. A fifty something year old man against a 21 year old. That I can confirm because from the house you could hear his wailings and pleas of forgiveness. And they were loud and babyish so I came out to have a look. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to have pity but the estate was at a standstill as my dad caught up with the young lad and pinned him to the ground. “Sorry! Sorry!” I could hear the boy cry as my dad hit him with [dreaded] punches. After he had satisfied his boiling blood, he let him go and told him to run. He ‘happily agreed’ and sped by me and my other two bros, Ken and Josh, still wailing like a mad man. Then my dad just strolled home (my sis was long in the house) as if nothing happened.

Well, that was Peter Orwa for you. Just another day in the Orwa Household!

About Peter Orwa, Junior

Freelance web designer. I started writing again though :)

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  1. excellentlady

    No it doesn’t suprise me at all…

  2. Oh ya Junior, I remember that day, as if it were yesterday, but i had a hard time remembering the person who said such unappropriate things to me as I was walking with Dad, yup. Everyone in Ngummo, even Lang’aga knew not to talk to any of Boxers’s daughters ESPECIALLY when he is around, let alone right next to me. Let me jog ur memmory a little bit. I was walking with Dad, cant really remember what made us take a walk in Magiwa, but nevertheless, we were walking, and one of these people u know thru other people, were walking in the parallel direction, and said something very inappropriate, to me, the fat thing, and he said something to dad too, cant really remember what, but as the saying goes, no guts, no glory, but if anyone was dealing with Boxer, it was more of “guts, then end” manze, all I can say was that that guy was in for it. I dont think I had ever seen dad mess up a person like that, punches after punches after punches after punches, and the climax was Dad putting his foot on this mans face as he was on the ground and asking him if he knew who dad was. Oh yea. And I was somewhere close to the scene,and after all was done, we continued walking back to the house, seeing as we were less than 200 feet from home, and u know what Dad said after really doing this guy in?? Quote “what was he thinking?Doesnt he know whom I am? Anyway, hopefully Mbula(our househelp) has made some tea.” End quote…..

  3. hehe i wish id seen silly yung boy mesd wth tha wrong persn!

  4. hey… reeeeally nice.

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