Sweet Zoe Jane

Kuroi. Black. Colour of concealment; that hides all blemish, blame, your mistakes don’t matter coz they never happened. ; it goes with anything, everything. Shiroi. White. The colour if innocence.  She’s blameless, pure, spotless, dazzling and immaculate. Gurei..Gray. The perfect mix. Nothing more or less. The perfect balance. Its the colour of compromise, willingness to adapt and to change without strife or friction. Coming down for you as she brings you up. And the most important is Chairoi. Brown. Might be his best colour. Its his presence. Always there when you’re need it,. right around you never letting you down. And it will never leave. Not now not ever. Always around. Just because she is loved. My sweet Zoe Jane..


About Peter Orwa, Junior

Freelance web designer. I started writing again though :)

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  1. aaaaaaa beautful bbe touchd me.lav it.u the beyest.mwaaah

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